Company at a glance

Building under constructionC. H. Schwertner & Son, Inc. is a building contractor that was founded in 1928.  In the ensuing years it has grown into one of the most widely respected names in the construction industry.  It has a name that is synonymous with quality & reliability.

At Schwertner, we believe that people are the secret to their success…  the contractor with the best people, working together as a team, is always a winner.  The common threads that run through the organization are the traditional values of hard work and integrity.

The name Schwertner is synonymous with quality…we believe that quality is not only an achievement, it is an attitude which is demonstrated by management and passed down, through the organization, to the craftsmen in the field.  It is constantly being evaluated, and is never taken for granted.

Our Vision

We are service oriented and customer driven.

We strive for, and are dedicated to continuous improvements.

We believe that a team effort is of paramount importance.

We have a sense of urgency, and act responsibly.

The Construction Team…  The Client, the Architect/Engineer and Schwertner are the main players….. The Client, to the fullest extent possible, should be a part of the planning, selection of material, decision to make changes and the acceptance of the facility.  Schwertner accepts full responsibility for gathering requested information, evaluating its impact on the price, quality and completion date of the project, and submitting it to the Client and the A/E in such form that a timely decision can be made.  Schwertner is also the watchdog of the team and will advise the other members of any action, of need for action, that might advisely effect the success of the project.